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JRobert - Marco Music Man

December 2016 Issue

Everyday's a Holiday!

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  New studio, new home, new garden, new songs,

...welcome to a NEW JRobert Newsletter.

JRobert Marco Island's own "Marco Music Man," has had a lot on his plate over the past year. With a full performance schedule, ongoing musical composition and production, and the building of a brand new studio -- well, it's been a lot to juggle. But we are now ba-ack, and you can once again expect to see monthly news releases in your inbox. Celebrate the music of Marco Island, the Everglades and the 10,000 Islands, JRobert's own brand of Floribbean Fusion Music, enjoy performance reviews, CD and MP3 offerings, announcements, upcoming charity events, and the newest products and services available from Mangrove Music Studios STAY TUNED!     

Christmas Moon


How many days til Christmas?

Counting down! & coming soon…

How many nights we promise

To sail beneath a Christmas moon!


How ‘bout a candy cane Christmas?

A Christmas island flower in bloom…

How many dreams & wishes

Underneath a Christmas moon!


O o o o! Christmas moon…

Yo ho ho! I’m coming soon!

Tonight i’m missin you…

Tomorrow i’ll be kissin you

               underneath the Christmas moon!


You are the gift at the top of my list

        you are my shining star 

        you are my “partridge in a pear tree”

Season’s greetings!                            

From my heart!


So have a Merry Christmas!

May all your precious dreams come true

Cheers to everything delicious

Underneath the Christmas moon!


        o o o o! Sailing soon…

              underneath the Christmas moon!


JRobert - Dooley Boy Music BMI

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Fun Gigs


Third year with Sunshine Kids at La Playa Resort, Naples, Florida...I'm totally honored to play for the kids as well as the fund raising.


Fourth year celebrating Swamp Heritage Festival with Big Cypress National Preserve My friends Raiford Starke and Cindy Hackney sang, told stories, and played the most authentic Florida folk songs you can imagine.  Clyde and Nikki Butcher as well as "A Land Remembered" Patrick D. Smith Jr. were present and inspiring!


ACMA Americana musicians from Ft. Myers invited Roy Schneider and J.Robert to Lover's Key Beach to perform.  Check their performance schedule as they continue to have concerts into the season.  Americana Community Music Association.


Thank you Marriott's Marco Island Resort and Spa, Monica Rossell of Wizard Connections, Kevin Smith and Florida Talent, Naples Princess, Marco Island Princess, Total Health Immersions, The Little Bar & Restaurant, Amanda with Global Events, Naples Grande Resort, La Playa Resort, Robert Keane, Michael Benson, Bill Gold, and the Island Club of Marco.

Time for a little Christmas Sail!


Blue Water Christmas CD


Celebrate the Season!

If you love history, Florida, cowboys, and great music...

You will LOVE this!

Music score produced in

Mangrove Music Studios

the Great Florida Cattle Drive 2016

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